Friday, June 16, 2017

I'm Too Damned HOT!

It's only 78 degrees outside but inside it's about 2 degrees hotter.  Today is Hanging Paintings Day in Maison Blache.  We have a few that need a spot on a wall to exhibit themselves and those spots (at least today) are in the parlor.  About these paintings; they are French I believe, of various age and artist.  Some quite lovely, some not-so-much but they do fit the place and purpose.  The problem is that the act of hanging requires a certain fitting be nailed in place,  nailed here in Maison Blanche means nailing into rock hard plaster and limestone blocks.  So...a drill is obtained, a bit is installed and we begin The Hanging.  As I use a slim nail about 1 inch long to test the wall structure I discover that the paintings themselves are not so heavy that the lonely single nail will not hold it.  So ONWARD! 
Later...Tomorrow has come, it's Saturday and the weather (this morning) is bright, sunny and cool with a bit of a breeze.  Off to La Chatre to the brocante via the newish Garmin GPS and a French map card (40 bucks used from  Park finally a short distance from Rue Nationale and begin the trek to see what's up.  LOTS of people milling about, stuff out into the street in front of homes and shops.  Walk, walk, stumble, walk some more.  Nice setting, nice day, nice people.  All good.  An hour later we've seen what was offered and bought not one damned thing.  Ce normale'.  Off then to the car and a short drive to the Super U grocery store for a few things. We always over buy.  See Liz among the aisles and we stop and chat. I mention the Trumpster.  "Why hasn't someone bumped him off?" she asks.  Kelly and I shrug.  We have no idea, surely someone has thought of it?!  We can only hope.
Home through the hinterlands east of La Chatre.  Beautiful fields of corn, wheat, colza and poppies everywhere, so very pretty.

Sunday, May 21, 2017

A Cold, The Cold

I've gotten a cold, you know, one of those head achy, runny nosed, feverish things that are carried by people in the course of their miserable days.  I am now that person and I don't like it one bit!  Drip, drip, sniff...drip, drip, sniff.  Besides that not so small irritant I want some coffee badly and that means I'll have to venture into the downstairs freezer which defines cold here in Lignieres in May and all proceeding months back to late September.  Brrrrrr.  So, be miserable and "of want" here in the somewhat warmish computer room or down I go.  Decisions, I go.  Ah, coffee!  Dark, rich espresso, my favorite with1 lump of crystal death for sweetness.  Now for my commentary on this last short period of time.

So our not-so-beloved POTUS (I won't say his name) went to Saudi Arabia and is bringing back knowledge of the Sword Dance and 200 Billion (with a B) worth of military contracts.  Oh joy of joys, Halliburton, Raytheon, Boeing, General Electric, Lockheed and I'm sure many, many others, will just be tickled and greatly enriched bigly, gee whiz!  When you want 1st class things that created explosions and kill people by the hundreds and thousands you sure know where to find 'em.  You want it, we got it!  KABOOM, BANG, KRASH!  Yes, it's our number one export...Death and number 2...destruction!  Meanwhile our good "representatives" want to kill Medicare, Obamacare and all manner of other help aids for our citizens.  Isn't that just great?  "Jobs, Jobs, Jobs!" Our not-so-beloved POTUS yelled after getting the deal of the week in his hot, puffy, pussy-grabbing hands.  He is now our Number One Death Purveyor!  All Hail!

Today is a Sunday and I feel like hell, I have unpacked but not put away stuff all over my bedroom floor and not a hell of a lot of motivation to do anything about it.  I want a shower, a hot, hot, hot one to clear up my achy sinuses, and to rid myself of the damning odors and large lumps of detritus that hang on after a long tiresome journey.  Read a bit, examine my science pages in and sleep a bit of this cold off too.  That's today.  A slow day, a small day, no traveling anywhere for anything...I'm contagious and I know it and it's got to stop with me.  The SNOT stops here!