Friday, August 18, 2017

POTUS as NAZI; 74th Bithday; Bourges in the Rain

Charlottesville, VA and the death toll of one innocent anti-protestor reminds us how our democracy learns it's lessons.  The KKK, White Power and alt-right and the persons or person in Charlottesville that thought it was a terrific idea to have the rally by the group of angry white persons.  Somehow they never expected what happened, they were surprised!  Yes, surprised! 

A car accelerated at high speed into the crowded street full of protestors, killing a young woman and injuring several others.  The driver/suspect escaped in the damaged car and has not yet been apprehended.  Awful display of American angst over race and politics and framed by comments by POTUS Trump that somehow BOTH sides were to blame!??! Huh?  If the POLICE had done their jobs and protected all of the demonstrators maybe we wouldn't be having this bleak news week about another violent episode in our beloved US of A. 

I'm aghast that we as a country have fallen this low.  I'm also ashamed that active racist groups are allowed to parade in our streets under the cover of our Constitution..."freedom of speech" trumps EVERYTHING?!  It cannot be, it's a form of |"hate speech" which is banned, or, at least I thought it was.  Trump, rather than provide a calming voice amidst the screaming and yelling just fanned the flames of hate and mistrust with every tweet and comment he made.  This President needs to resign.  TODAY, YESTERDAY any second now, or be impeached for actions not becoming of a president.  Inciting violence? Being a raving liar?  Foe warmongering...anything, just rid the White House of DJ Trump and the world will be better for it!  Do it NOW!

Turned 74 yesterday, heard birthday wishes from all except my eldest who was silent through out the day.  Pissed at me I guess for something, ce' normale!  Sons are put on this earth to trouble their fathers.

Off to Bourge this morning in the rain to do our shopping at NOZ, GRAND FRAISE, LIDL et al.  Wine of all kinds and cheaply bought at NOZ, I headed to the tables and found 22 bottles that suited our palettes (hopefully), a few other odd items and came away 63 Euros less.  Not bad, wine averaged about 1.90 a bottle in keeping with our new wine knowledge...everything in France that is wine is damned good no matter the cost!  Same with Spain and Italy by the way.  I love Chilean reds, South African whites and Peruvian reds as well and all these and more are found at NOZ. 

Friday, August 11, 2017

And now WW3...Thanks to Mr. Trump and Mr. Un...Are you ready?

Scientists have described "Nuclear Winter" since the 1950's I believe.  Now we are on the threshold of the accopolypse in our lifetime.  In the 50's Kelly and I experienced such doomsayers week after week, day after day...dive under our desks, Conelrad warnings weekly, pictures often of nuclear bomb explosions.  Driven scared by our governments and the media of the time.  Then it waned, we became immune and bored of the whole prospect.  Mutual Assured Destruction became the operating words of the day and after the fall of the Soviet Union we basked in the glow of a peaceful (non-nuclear threat) existence.   That was then, now we have two persons of like attitude, Mr. Trump and |Mr. In who are staring down each other with the power to do great damage to our world by their words alone.  Enough said, perhaps, to lead the other to go ahead with missiles and nuclear destruction of an unprecedented kind.  North Korea is threatening to send 4 missiles towards Guam where the US maintains both a Naval and Air Force Base and many support personnel.  Guam is a US territory.  Mr. Trump uses the site to expand his presence and explain his political positions.  I find it childish and inane for our POTUS to behave as such a child would do.  Threatening North Korea through his Tweets is irresponsible and utterly immature and in-American in my opinion.  He is, by this act, inviting North Korea to act on ntheir threats and endanger every American citizen.  He is supposed to be protecting you and I and he swore to it with his hand on a Christian Bible, do you feel protected?  I certainly do not.